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To make tests
Share materials and files
To check homework
Create lessons and courses
Check home tasks easy
Comment on audio
Tag and comment with text or voice. Ideal for language tutors
Comment on text
Select a fragment and comment with text or voice. Faster and more convenient than Google Docs or Word
Comment on photo
Check out the photos on the website. Images do not need to be downloaded
“I store all the materials and check my homework here. I can’t imagine my work without CloudText anymore!”
Alexandra Nesterova
“Russian language without pain”
One space for your work
Base of lessons
Add the necessary content on one page: PDF files, YouTube videos, texts, assignments.
Motivate to complete tasks on time. Set a deadline
Add students. Dividing them into groups
Highlight mistakes, and the system will automatically recalculate points according to the required criteria and give the result
Automatic scoring
Statistics and analytics
Data with the results of your students is automatically pulled into ready-made tables.
Study the progress of your wards with accuracy to each criterion
Telegram bot
Instantly notify you of new jobs and verified ones.
For you and the students
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Replace many services
for one platform for 9,99 /month
Google Class
Google Docs
Google Drive
Google Forms
“No more pdfs in google drive, quizzes in google forms, and bookmarks in the browser. Now everything is stored on one platform..”
unlimited cloud storage
Tatiana Furgal, chemistry tutor
3 easy steps to get started
Register yourself and invite students
Wait for the students to complete them, and then comment on the result
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Complete your first lesson
with materials and assignments
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Powerful constructor for creating interactive lessons
YouTube videos
Multiple choice test
Ready-made criteria
Checking essays
Download files (PDF and mp3)
Audio playback
Record voice and notes
Insert formulas
Conducting surveys
Integration with Zoom
Integration with WordWall
Integration with Quizlet
Integration with LearningApp
Choose your solution
Online schools and training centers
— All methodological work in one place
We will train your employees for free
— Embeds in any learning platform
— Repeatedly speeds up the work of inspectors
— Process and employee control
from 15 $ / month
— Unlimited cloud storage
— Creation of groups and distribution of students
— Checking works by photo, text, audio
— Automatic scoring by criteria
-- Up to 50 students
9,99 $ / month
Ksenia Vysokovich
literature tutor
Natalia Deinega
Russian language tutor
The tool is easy to operate, it is convenient to check essays and mini-essays in the exam in literature. You can write extensive comments and notes. A huge plus is the criteria, students see them and understand what exactly they were reduced points for
In the context of distance learning, this is an indispensable assistant in the work of a teacher. You can check any number of works from all your students for free
Marina Dolzhenko
biology tutor
I will be brief: I liked everything! Especially the fact that you quickly respond to my requests :-)

And what I did not like - you quickly corrected and helped me.
Elena Namzhilova
literature tutor
Previously, at a distance, I checked compositions using a photo editor, that is, I downloaded, corrected errors, wrote comments in the margins, saved and sent to the student. And I also counted the points according to the criteria, and then everything was lost. Now all compositions are stored in one place.
Zinaida Menzhunova
chemistry tutor
1. Amazing notification system: no more "but I didn't know that I had to complete the task", "but you didn't say", "and I was not in class".
2. Convenient verification system, no need to save the photo to yourself and make it through the editors, everything is simple - just signed it and you're done.
to 10.000 tutors
Solve routine tasks in one space